PiplShare quarantine is finished | 17.04.2020
Dear PiplShare community!

We are opening!

Your accounts will have full functionalities and you will be able to continue our ShereWorking mission as soon as all security measures will be applied.

Thank you for your patience and trust.

Happy ShareWorking!

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PiplShare is online | 29.03.2020
Dear PiplShare community!

There's nothing more important to us than the user experience of our customers. As you are no doubt aware, it’s been an exciting few days for initial production launch of PiplShare and GetOn multi-platform in general.

From March 21st to March 28th, number of registered users rises from a few to over 4.000 (yesterday 3.500) - from which almost 200 has been successfully verified. The total project volume was over 20.000,00 EUR and the price of PiplCoin, cryptocurrency which supports operations on PiplShare Shareworking platform, has, according to GetOn's unique Dynamic Price Modelling Concept, increased from 0,012162 EUR to 0,01799178 EUR (47,93 %).

PiplShare Blockchain Corporation has moved quickly to keep pace with the increased demand caused by the sharp rise in overall traffic on our platform this days, but still , we encounter almost 1 day offline (maintenance) mode, for which we sincerely apologize!

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